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Found 18th Jul 2008
Thought that might get you looking, however anyone with JuicyBrainsPanel ?

I've been with them for a while filling in the odd survey and exchanging for £5 amazon vouchers. My current balance to spend is under £5 however they have just undergone a system and update and reset my password.

Upon checking they have increased my balance by £90 - definitely a major error by the looks of it. I was able to redeem this amount instantly for amazon vouchers.

Check your email now if applicable.

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I did the same!

£90 in mine but unable to redeem

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There were 3 options at the redemption screed £100, £5 or test. I entered 18 in the £5 option and 1 min later 18 * £5 vouchers were received via email (all diffrent and valid).

last time i was involved in a survey site the first surveys were plentiful. then they started to be less frequent.... then they stopped but the advertising emails continued. never did get to the redemption amount. can't think of the name off-hand; pure profile or something...
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