June 3rd, London West End Show, Matinee performance.

    Looking for a good deal for a west end show on June 3rd in London. Has to be the 2pm-ish matinee, will consider dinner and a long as it's a lunchtime meal lol!

    Whats the best you can find for me?! Rep for help!


    Sorry, can't help but wanted to say that's my birthday:-D
    Hope u get something and have a lovely time:thumbsup:
    sorry again, couldn't resist:oops:

    Try for any deal involving "Wicked" - awesome show - plus great night ahead if you play your cards right!! lol

    Original Poster Banned

    thanks, have looked but no packages and quite pricey, might wait until the 'last minute' lol

    Anyone else any ideas?
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