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    ive been called for jury service in january, im half anxious and half looking forward to it, can anyone who has served on a jury tell me what to expect ?


    Never done it myself, but a couple of friends have. They both said to take a good book to read! You'll be sat around for ages waiting to see if you're picked to be a juror on a trial. Neither of them were, they spent the whole week sat in the courthouse reading.

    boredom. You will spend a lot of time sitting around waiting to see if you are called to be on a jury - take a book, or knitting or something. You may be called into court only for one side or the other to object to you and be sent out again. Cases can last anytime at all but 3 days seemed quite common. Not all courts have anywhere to eat. The number of toilets available may be inadequate - never pass up the chance. If on a jury it is possible for the jury foreman (who may be female) to ask for a recess if anyone badly needs a toilet but they dont tell you that.

    I wouldnt be anxious about it - can be quite interesting if you get a case.
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    IF you are selected and find that your not dismissed by the judge then you will listern to different stories based around the same event.

    The judge will direct you as to what the "law" is for this trial and you must decide if someone is guilty of breaking said law.

    You and the other juries will then discuss what you think the outcomes is. You might decide different outcomes, but for the sake of not having it run on fir days you will probably then agree to same conclusion. However, there might be one old dear that just cant see the sense in that so will waste your time until she eventually gives in an agrees with you all.
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    Agree with buzzard. Did it a couple of years ago. Take a book or something as can end up waiting a while. They are good at telling you what you need to do when you get there so don't worry. I got chosen right at the end and had to excuse myself as had an exam booked - was very disappointed to be honest.

    Boring and even when /if you are picked you find that you start sitting on a case and the damn case is dropped

    Expect to sit around waiting a lot, take a book or Ipad or something as you will spend more time sat in the jurors waiting room than anything.
    I did 2 weeks last year and found it extremely long winded and boring.
    Even when selected for a case you are in and out of the court room while they argue points of law and get sent back to the jurors waiting room.
    I got selected for 3 cases in my 2 weeks - one was a week long sexual blackmail case, the other 2 were minor drug cases that lasted just over a day each.
    Most people don't want to be there so expect so be surrounded by people moaning about the inconvenience.

    If you get selected just jump up on day one and shout "Yeah they did it I can feel it in my waters - guilteeeeeeeeeeeee" you get sent home.

    I was called up when I just turned 18. One of the women who was picked with me knew someone involved in the case so we had to be picked again and I and the oldest lady got chosen both times. I forgot to mention that I got travel expenses, wages lost and a free lunch so it's not all bad!
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    Take a book, I enjoyed it, it is a bit boring sat there hoping you'll get called up, it's a bit annoying when you go into court and they dismiss you to come back later due to some court formality they have to go through.

    Book it as holiday then you'll get paid twice

    I had to do jury service about 3 years ago now. Was an interesting case but went on for 4 weeks!!!
    As others have said, its a lot of sitting around waiting, in & out of the courtroom & a lot of discussing the facts etc when trying to decide a verdict (unless its a clear cut decision!)
    You do get your expenses, travel & loss of earnings covered.

    I have done it before. I could not stand turning up each day not knowing whether I would be picked or not and having to wait about until they said you could go home. Then they asked if anyone was prepared to go onto a jury for a big case that was to last many weeks. I said yes and neither the prosecution or defence teams rejected me. So I turned up each day for about 3 weeks until the case was over and then that was it. My employer was okay with this but in any case I am not sure there is anything they can do anyway i.e.. they cannot sack you because you are on jury service.

    there was no waiting around when I did mine, groenleaders comment is spot on!


    Book it as holiday then you'll get paid twice

    But then when they want to go on holiday they wont be able to because they used their leave to do jury service...

    You get paid a reduced amount from work to do jury service anyway.

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    thankyou everyone for your insights into jury service , im going prepared now with books, ipad etc and a stock of drinks and snacks !
    im hoping its going to be interested and worthwhile
    cheers , happy christmas !
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