Jury Service - what a joke

Found 21st Oct 2009
Just found out that while doing Jury Service I will basically be out of pocket. My employer is not paying me (which to be honest I can't blame him if I'm not there), and the courts will only cover part of my wage. By the end of the 2 weeks I will be £300 down this month.
If you earn over about 20k, you're stuffed.
Normal hard working people who go out and work, pay taxes etc lose out through no fault of their own. The only way out of it is to claim 'financial difficulty' but you have to prove it.
So basically, if you're one of the good guys who pay your morgage and bills on time then you are not classed as being in 'financial difficulty' and therefore just expected to lose out .
It's very unfair
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its a waste of time usually, i went got the day off work sat around for an hour then they told me to **** off as i wasnt needed
Have a look at your household insurance (if you have some). A lot of policies have cover for jury service (to cover your salary whilst you are on jury service) under the Family Legal Protection cover (again if that is included in your policy)
Do what i did, write a letter stating you dont trust the police and cannot be impartial in any court case.

They will reply stating your name has been removed permanetly from their records:thumbsup:

Just for the record- the reason i did it was i would have lost over £750 in earnings.
u can fill in a form to be exepmt from jury service, i filled in my dads, just said he wont be available on those dates as loss of earnings would be too much
recieved a letter back saying u are exempt, sorted
or you can find out if its a "gangsta" trial, could be profitable in other ways
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