Just a heads up halfcost is ok at the mo

    Just a heads up halfcost is ok at the mo, loads have had trouble ordering but i've just done 5 orders through firefox and is fast at the time of post.

    remember and use code pf15 to get a further discount folks!
    - bossyboots


    Very fast for me if that reassures you.

    Might help that everyones in bed and the site has sped up a bit.

    thanks phil for letting us know as I was on it for ages yesterday trying to order the globe and few other bits but was sooooooooooooooooo frustrating that it just wasnt going through

    rep to you as just managed to get my order in and took no time at all

    [COLOR="Purple"]Blimey... never known it so fast!!
    cheers op..[/COLOR]


    Never used it before..... But just placed a cheapo order, which failed at first when going through to my credit card authorisation. Tried again and worked fine. Now cant log into my account and I've not received an email confirmation. (My bank confirms the funds have been taken though.) Their CS is just one of those helping hand "take a message" service. ie rank!

    Last Christmas it was horrendous, never seen a site so slow in my life!

    At the mo i've seen nowt i wanna buy,it's a load of crap at the mo !

    It was dragging for me on BT browser Sunday night,so I went onto firefox,placed an order.
    Worth checking back for new stock as free delivery going be on a while.

    This company are a joke and the goods are shoddy car boot sale rubbish.…ost - 15% voucher if you are buying anything (and this one DOES give 15% discount)

    couldnt get order to go through with code tried for ages, but went fine without the code first try ?
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