Just a heads up, Showcase are now selling tickets for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Hey all, not really a deal, but its made my girlfriend very happy that we have managed to pick our seats for the upcoming Harry Potter.
    Doesn't seem like they have announced that they have started selling tickets, so knowing Harry Potter fans they won't hang around long!
    Plus in some of the Showcase's you can pick which seats you want from the website.

    Anyway, go to the main Showcase website, click on the Showcase you wish for and the release date of Wednesday 15/07/2009. From there you should be able to click which Harry Potter showing you wish and book the tickets & if your very lucky you can pick your seats.

    I know that Vue haven't started selling seats yet, so you get your seats sorted early.

    Anyway, enjoy the film! Hope I've helped some people.


    "Not really a deal"

    Why post it in deals then? :?


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    "Not really a deal"Why post it in deals then? :?

    Well wasn't sure, so I just guessed. I love that people try to help and all they get it shot down within seconds of being posted.

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    Thanks, sorry.
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