Just a little PC advice on how much its worth....

    I have a Intel Pentium 4, 3.05ghz it has 1gig ram, card readers, 4 or 6 cant remember without looking USB ports, 80gb hard drive, Gen XP with COD sticker and Restore disk, its a E-System, has DVD drive but needs to be replaced which i will do before i sell on if its required for me to do it.

    How much should i sell it for with DVD drive sorted and without DVD Drive sorted???

    I will be selling privately through paper or on Ebay i think.



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    Thanks for that :thumbsup:

    Anyone else got an estimate price??

    I think harvies estimate is on the high side as you can get new systems with higher spec than that, the trouble with second hand computers is that new ones specs are constantly rising while the prices are falling. I would say £100 - £120 max on a good day. But ive seen similar specced sell for around £70 - £80.
    I would deffo get the drive sorted before selling though as a dodgy one will put people off and make it hard to sell, even though a decent replacement DVD writer can be had for £15 or less!

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    Ok i was thinking around the £125 mark for the PC it is under a year old but dont know where my reciept is either. Thanks just wanted to see if i was thinking to much or not.
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