Just a little tip to help track Quidco/other cashback...

    Sorry if this has been posted before, just a little tip for people who struggle to get their cashback sites tracked.

    I use VMPlayer(used to run virtual PCs on a PC) with a ready made VM Machine called Browser Appliance. You can set this(and I think it is set by default) to never save any changes - which means no cookies/activex controls/etc etc are ever stored, and each time you run it, it is like a fresh install of Firefox. I always use this to track Quidco to prevent cookies getting in the way, and I have always had my transactions tracked.


    Browser Appliance:…tml

    List of instructions is here:…php

    Hope this helps someone

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    Interesting. Thanks for the pointers.

    I notice there is an Ubuntu appliance with Firefox 2 and OpenOffice installed. I've wanted to try Linux for a while but have been put off by having to install it separately. If you run Linux within a virtual machine can you then install further applications? And how much does it slug the performance of applications if they are run within a virtual machine?
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