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Found 21st Oct 2006
Are all there items sent signed by or something.
As i want to purchase something, but its quite expensive and i dont want it getting "lost"

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Ive bought off them in the past, North Lincs, they use city link to ship in our area, and you can track your item, i think it depends on the item and value as to how they send it, but always city link for me (green & yellow vans)
I've also had to go to the depot to pick up, as they always seem to deliver when your out!!!!

All items they've sent to me needed signature. They are using CityLink couriers in my area.

city-link here too...
bought many times from them

The depot i mean is Scunthorpe, its a good drive for me but i go past for work. Not sure where in Lincs. you are, but they have depots everywhere

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:giggle: whats the least youve spent and its been sent signed for?
The thing i want is £50, which to me is alot, and specially for a shop i dont know.
Really want it signed for, like i do my ebay stuff, but dont wanna pay extra as i can get it on there free delivery.
Thanks for replying.

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Ooooh noone replys then you all do in 1 shot LOL!
Thanks everyone, youve put my mind at rest

Had a laser printer and usb cable for about that value £50, still signed for, always fairly quick delivery too, seems to come via Sheffield main depot for North Lincs. It was on my paperwork, I'm not really a city link spotter!!

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:giggle: yeah yeah if you say so :P

Guess im just going to have to wait in till the delivery comes, cos i aint gonna pick it up!

Ordered a SD Card from them,came by Royal Mail with the postman about a week later with no sign required,site said shipped by Citylink:giggle:

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:giggle: cant really see them sending one of those through city link, such a tiny thing :P

I have had good service from ebuyer over several years...whenever I have had a problem under warranty they have either replaced or given a full refund without question.
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