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    Hi all i was wondering if someone could help me out, i have 2 bt vision boxes and they both have 160gb hdd in, if i took them out, what use would the hdd be after they were taken out for.

    Like what would i be able to use them for etc.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


    Doorstop, book ends, modern art sculpture, murder weapon. Just a few possibilities.

    depends on the type of drive inside. If it's an ide, you can make yourself taller by tying them to the bottom of a pair of shoes. If it's Sata, chances are you will still be able to do this, but wont be as tall...

    and ignore Shengis, he's just being silly...


    and ignore Shengis, he's just being silly...

    :lol: :thumbsup:


    oh good god, the help some people give to a genuine reasonable question, and then just get rubbish answers back :roll:

    these drives can be used as great coasters for your coffee cups, or if you give them to your kids they'll do great as frisbies

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    HAHA well thanks for those replys very intersting, but yeno not really funny, asked a simple question as to what i could use them for but i get replys like this.
    Thanks anyway.

    ]this thread shows it's a 3.5" IDE drive, so you can use it in a PC, or anything else that uses this type of drive. Most new devices are SATA however. You will be able to buy a hard drive caddy and use the drive as external storage....happy

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    Thank you very much i will add rep for you. thanks again
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