Just a quickie for you camera people

    What does ISO mean for shutter speeds and waht difference does it make. Is it better to set camera to low ISO, high ISO or automatic? Thanks:thumbsup:



    Basically low ISO is good in sunny/ outdoor shots and will give you best picture quality. Indoors/ poor lighting you need a higher ISO to capture the image but it will appear more grainy the higher the ISO is. If a camera is sold with a large ISO range it generally means it will be better for taking photos in poorly lit locations.
    I would suggest leaving it at automatic.:)

    as i understand it, the faster the speed the sharper the image.

    ie ISO 400 great for sports/fast moving pics, no blur


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    Thanks, I was going to set it on high and leave it but after reading i think automatic is probably the best setting for me. Rep coming your way
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