Just a random discussion- NS&I, has anyone win anything big?

Found 3rd Jan
NS&I, out of curiosity, I have opened this discussion, anyone win anything big on NS&I, I am holding this premium bond for about 5 years but not a big amount but people says that I need atleast 10000 pounds to win anything. Is this true?
I am happy to save into this as it just make me a habit into saving but nothing income wise, any views on this NS&I?
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Some years back I held the full allowance (£20K at the time) and although I never had a big win, there was at least one award every month.
Overall, I earned more than I would have received as interest from a building society, but not by a huge margin.
I think the odds are somewhat worse now.
I've only done it for a couple of months and won a couple of the lowest prizes.

I guess you have to look at it that assume you will get nothing and then you still have a chance to maybe win a good amount. If you want a steady interest then premium bonds are not the answer
Yup, I am now assuming that I won't win anything and atleast its good to see my money is safe rather than buying a lottery where I lose my money.
Its purely random , exactly like a lottery except you keep your stake .

Its all down to luck but you probably need to have £10k to £20k to achieve (by law of averages ) the 1.2 % return . But of course someone with £100 worth can (and do) win the £1million whereas those with £20 K can never win anything big but pick up £25 or £50 most months .
Calendar 2017 gave me 1.25% return on 30k. Tax free.

My worst fund returned 9%.

Nothing more than £25 wins here. I just use it like a savings account as pretty rubbish interest rates elsewhere too.
I won £5,000 about 10 years ago, with a holding of about £18k back then.
Wow glad to know that you won 5000 which is making things real but I am still happy with it since no losing money in it.
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