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    I had a dream I was at an outdoor concert last night .... and Slash from Gun's n Roses was doin some weird guitar solo on top of a hill
    ... then it started raining so I put my hood up and felt really smug cos no one else had hoods!
    As I walked down the hill to go home, Slash pulled me to one side and said I've got a present for you ... I was a little bit wary I thought he'd mistaken me for a groupie at first ... but then he showed me a lovely set of drawers he'd bought me!
    They were lovely ... white with little blue flowers on ... then he said something like 'I got them for 15 quid ... if I'd left my wife to get them she would have gone to a proper shop and bought them for about 80!!'
    Then my alarm went off ... I'm well miffed ... hope I get to go back to the same dream tonight so i can see what happens next....

    Any mystics on here want to shed some light on what this curious dream might have meant???


    That's much too difficult for a human being to interpret.

    I think you might have been "Knockin' on Heaven's Door "

    Slash you say............I guess you had a full bladder and needed a wee!

    waaah wierdo. i thought it was only me who had dreams like that.

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    Reminds me of a dream I had when I was about 6
    I dreamt I was in a ice skating rink havin lots of fun with my friends ... then suddenly I needed a wee, there was a toilet in the middle of the ice rink, but obviously I didn't want to use it. I tried to get off the ice rink but i couldn't so in panic i decided to use the one on the ice rink .... as i sat on the toilet everyone crowded around and started chanting 'wee, wee, wee, wee' at me, so eventually i wee weed ... then i woke and realised I had REALLY wee weed.
    Oh the shame!
    Good job I was only 6 ... and i hope to never ever have that dream again!

    Feel free to analyse that one too if you wish....

    You cannot remind yourself of a dream that you had that you posted that reminded you of a dream that you had ...
    Well. you can if you want, but it's pretty exclusive.

    Original Poster

    Say that one after a few more beers heeh!

    then he said something like 'I got them for 15 quid

    Buying you knickers off ebay :-D

    what a larf

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