Just a short shout - Ice Age 3 in 3D is great..!

    heya, just a shout who may want to see something in the cinema @ the weekend.

    Ice age 3 is great..! went to see it last week in 3D (with funkeh glasses) and was very enjoyable. It seems more serious or adult orientated than the 1st 2 which i thought was a bit different.

    Next film im wanting to watch is that one with John Trovolta and Denzel Washington, taking the pelham 123 or something? looks good..!

    Its refreshing change to go to the cinema to watch a film rather than stay at home and watch it on ur laptop.



    I thought it was really crap. and it being in 3D didn't make it any better.
    Plus they charge so much for this thing

    I recently saw Bolt in 3D and whilst the picture was good it doesn't deliver the kind of special effects I was expecting. Good movie but I left a bit disappointed

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    paid £14 for 2 tickets, but had 4hrs parking for next to nothing so effectively it was like a price of a normal ticket.

    imo thought it was better than 2 but not as good as 1 :P but one was epic lol.

    Agree that the 3D wasnt as amazing as i thought it was but it made it more involving to the viewer and for £1 more.. cant really complain. prob needed 20p to make those glasses so im assuming there isnt much profit in that.

    [COLOR="Blue"]lol @ the baby animals playing pat-a-cake, that was jokes.[/COLOR]
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