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I have friends who sometimes ask to borrow money from me.
Most of the time everything is fine, but in occasions some just won't pay it back- it can be hard to tell who will pay back.

I was wondering if I could send them money through Paypal using the Pay for goods or services, not friends or family. (as though I am buying the equivalent in notes from them) Then I will be able to get the paypal buyer protection and refund myself if they don't pay me the notes within 45 days.


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Don't lend the money in the first place is my thought
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Not a chance
Don't lend the money in the first place is my thought
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You need to make an example of a none payer
I just would stop lending to them. I had a similar situation even with family members and stopped doing it.
Sounds to me like you’ve got to stop lending them money.

Your friend isn’t providing you with goods or services, therefore it seems logical that you would have no ability to claim.

Hope they pay you back next time.
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It happened to me as well
But unfortunately I sent money via friends and family, guy never returned.
If you send money, send using invoice say you are purchasing this item from him. If they don't pay you money then chargeback but doing many chargeback may lead to ban your PayPal account. So I would recommend just don't give them money, say you got all the monies in your savings and you cannot take it out. That's my excuse when somebody asks
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Crucify this person in the local town centre as punishment for non-payment.
People will continue to ask you if you keep lending them it. People who don't pay you back, don't lend them it. Say I'm sorry but I can't afford to loose the money if for some reason you can't pay it back. If you lend a honest friend money who you know will pay you back tell them to not tell anybody. Sounds to me as though people keep asking you for money because they know you have it and probably won't say know if they lay it on thick.
Another good old trick is to tell them your savings are locked up in an isa or saving account and you can't draw any out.
If if I were you though I'd just say sorry, I don't loan out money anymore because it can ruin a friendship. If they accept and they stay your friend then you know they are probably a true friend. If they are funny with you after you've found out who was just being a friend for the benefits that come with you having cash.best of luck. Stand up for yourself, say nope
Don't lend anything you can't do without.

Sooner or later you'll get burnt badly and it won't end nicely.
Don't lend money. Family or friends. Whatever sob story they give you.
neither a borrower nor a lender be as the old phrase goes! Mind you I could do with telling my daughter that....
Any chance I can borrow £100?

you lost me at "an thought"
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