just a wondering when we post on hukd is there any real benefits out of posting other than helping each other out in finding deals like can we use our heat stamps for something

karma ..
The site is a community-based, deal sharing forum. People share deals which they find in order to let others know. The badges you earn show your level of contribution.

taken from hotukdeals.com/about

HotUKDeals.com was founded in August 2004 as a place for consumers to freely share deal tips, voucher codes and other consumer information. The purpose of the site is to escape from the marketing messages and ads that surround us and get genuine advice from other people about hot deals.

No self-promotion or marketing

Any type of self-promotion or recommendation where the person profits is severely frowned upon. The basis of the site is that it is for honest tips from other people who don't stand to gain. Merchants who are found self-promoting are banned from the site.

Anyone can share and vote

Registration is free and open to everyone. The more members we have sharing and contributing their tips, the more everyone gains! You can help build this community by sharing deals you've found, voucher codes you know of, giving advice and insight on deals listed, or just being a friendly member!

How HotUKDeals is funded

We don't run banner ads on the site, sell ad space, use your email address for marketing or sell your details to other parties. The site is funded by using commission links on merchants where HUKD receives a commission if a product is purchased. As members submit and vote on deals we believe this keeps the site unbiased.

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No real benefit. Just being nice sharing deals. While the site owners rake in the affiliate fees
thank you for your replys
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