Just about to order a Nintendo DS Lite. What game should I get with it?

I'm just about to order a Nintendo DS Lite with New Super Mario Bros from Amazon for £109.99.

What other game should I get with it? I was thinking of getting Brain training, Yoshi's island, Animal crossing or mario kart...

I want to start with two games so I don't have too many to choose from.

Advice please!! Thanks :thumbsup:


maro kart for def :thumbsup:

Mariokart is outstanding.. great gameplay, will def keep ya busy.
Yoshi.. too easy.
Brain training is a nice one to pick up if ya see it cheap.

My vote would be Mario Kart, or Super Mario Ds is a good one

lego star wars isn't bad either :P

Definately Brain Training and Mario Kart DS!

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Looks like I'm going for: -

Nintendo DS Lite White
New Super Mario Bros
Mario Kart DS
Brain training

For a total just under £150

Am I making a mistake? IS this a good package? Thanks for the feedback so far.

Ds lite white & game + accessory pack shouldnt cost more than 105.. brain training 15.. mariokart as an older game 15 max.. Should be able to get the lot under £135?
Though the console might be a fiver more if you use somewhere like amazon rather than looking in shops (Gamestation are great as are toysrus, and even tescos)

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A lot of places still seem out of stock at the moment so there aren't that many deals around.

Nintendo DS Lite White - £109 with mario from Amazon
New Super Mario Bros - bundle game
Mario Kart DS - still 24.99 searching through find-games.co.uk but I have a £2 off voucher for CD-wow
Brain training - £15 is the cheapest I can find

total £148

I have a Game, HMV and Virgin near me. Will any of them price match Amazon?

Virgin sometimes do.. Game no way, no idea on hmv. If virgin will the 10% off with a virgin card/ nus extra is probably the way to go?

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Don't have NUS or Virgin card

Borrow one? accost a student in the street :P

Thanks for Rep Gary
Shame ya not in pompy? I could lend an nus card.. for a pint of course :P

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Gary who?!?!?!?!?!


Looks like I'm going for: -Nintendo DS Lite WhiteNew Super Mario … Looks like I'm going for: -Nintendo DS Lite WhiteNew Super Mario BrosMario Kart DSBrain trainingFor a total just under £150Am I making a mistake? IS this a good package? Thanks for the feedback so far.

All those games are amazing, you'll really enjoy yourself. My personal favourite is New Super Mario Bros - reminds you what fun gaming is really about.

Advanced Wars Dual Strike is a brilliant game too if you're into your tactical games.
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