Just added Sky movies, don't have the HD pack but all the anytime content is HD

Found 26th Nov 2010
Just added Sky movies 2 weeks ago, I don't have the HD pack as £10 a month for a few channels is too much, most of my anytime is HD, but I can view all the HD movie content but can't watch anything else that is anytime HD. Is it a glitch? As it's a bonus to watch the HD movies
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Odd? Maybe they put you on the wrong package? But also I would check your bill and make sure you aren't getting charged!

If all looks good then you my friend are quids in!!!!

Edited by: "luke-kirk" 26th Nov 2010
Checked and being charged correctly, can't watch the HD movie channels, Just the HD anytime movies.

NB called up 2 weeks ago, asked if they had any special offers and they gave me the movies for half price for 3 months.
I cancelled my HD subscription months ago and could never access the Anytime HD movies, which is a pain as these (HD Movies) are the only ones ever available on anytime - anyhow mine started working yesterday as well so can now access all HD films on anytime without a HD subscription - Nice
Just enabled my anytime to see if I can get these
I'm the same don't sub to HD but have the world package, most anytime content is in HD which because I won't pay sky the £10 extra a month I don't get. Anytime is naff anyway as opposed to a proper vod service like Virgin and BT Vision
i cancelled my HD package ages ago but still get all the hd channels, but i do have the sports and movies (even then i pay pay £35 as ive got it half price for 6months)
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