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Found 17th Dec 2006
Can someone please help me!?

Just opened my tin of 2.2kg Roses and there is no card in there telling me whats what.
My girlfriend has a nut allergy, so we need to know whats in what, if ya get me!
If anyone could scan a picture of one for me, that would be great!!
I tried looking on Google, to no avail.
Thank you! :santa:
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Is this any help:-


Good name. The wrapper is red, with the twirly bits at the side in the colour gold. As you can probably tell from the name, this ][COLOR=#7d7d7d]chocolate[/COLOR] is a Dark Brazilian chocolate which surrounds a caramel centre. There are bits of Brazil nuts in the caramel, so they do contain nuts just to let you know. So if you like dark chocolate, Brazil nuts and caramel, then this chocolate is the 1 for you!

I'm sure you know what this is. This is a piece of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, so it is just pure milk chocolate, and nothing else. The wrapper is the same as the Dairy Milk wrapper: purple with the white 'Dairy Milk' writing and a small picture of 2 glasses of milk!

The 'Tangy Orange Crème' is a cube of milk chocolate covering a fondant cremey orange centre. The taste is quite orangey and can make up to its name with the 'tangy' to some people. The wrapper is, obviously, orange with 'Roses' written in white. A chocolate for you if you like orangey stuff. A bit sickly to me, as I find fondant quite sickly, especially when it's an orange flavour, but we are all different so you could/do like it.

The 'Chocolate Bite' isn't much different to the 'Dairy Milk'. It is milk chocolate with small biscuit pieces dotted around in the middle of the chocolate. A nice chocolate, but to me can get a bit boring, as it is quite plain and original. The wrapper for this is a lighter purple than the 'Dairy Milk', and has 'Roses' written in white.

Another good name. I think you can probably tell what this is by the name. This chocolate is quite funky. It is actually a small barrel, well half a barrel to match it's name. It is milk chocolate covering soft caramel. Just like the 'Dairy Milk Caramel' you can buy from the corner shop. Again, quite original, yummy but quite sickly after a while. The runny caramel can get a bit sticky if you get it onto your hands or on your lips. The wrapper is obviously a golden colour, again with 'Roses' written in white.

This is simply just milk chocolate covering a full hazelnut. Your hazelnut is in the centre of the chocolate, and isn't that big, so you get a bite of chocolate before you meet your nut. The hazelnut itself isn't actually that big. This I quite misleading on the box as the box doesn't have the * stating that the chocolate contains nuts, and it does contain nuts, or rather, a nut. So be careful of this one. The wrapper is dark purple, and the twirly bits at the side are a golden/orange colour.

This basically is just a square shape, which is milk chocolate covering hard caramel, so it's like toffee. One of my favourites, as I like hard caramel/toffee. Again, another plain and original chocolate, but still yummy. The wrapper is yellow/golden.

This is like a repeated chocolate. It is like the 'Golden Barrel' except that the chocolate is a bit thicker, and you get a little less caramel than the 'Golden Barrel'. This chocolate is quite small, and the wrapper is green with the usual 'Roses' in white.

When I think of this chocolate I think of 'Matchsticks', the chocolate sticks with mint/orange small 'crisps' in them. This 'Orange Crisp' is actually very similar to 'Orange Matchsticks'. It is a rectangle shaped chocolate which has small orange flavoured crisps in it. Very nice chocolate to me. The orange is sometimes just about tasted, so it isn't a very strong orange flavoured chocolate. The wrapper is orange!

This is actually quite sickly. It is a milk chocolate cube, with a chocolate truffle centre. Nice, but as I said, sickly after your second. For me, anyway. Probably a chocolate for a proper chocolaty lover. The wrapper is a turquoise kind of colour.

This is just like the 10p 'Cadbury Fudge' you can buy from the shop along with 10p 'Cadbury Chomp'. A rectangular shaped fudge with a milk chocolate coating. One of my favourites as a kid, but have gone of fudge as I have gotten older. Yummy if you like fudge. The wrapper is quite a bright orange colour.

The name sounds so tempting to me! This is another quite small circular milk chocolate shape, with a strawberry flavoured fondant inside. Yummy if you like fondant and strawberry! Quite sickly after one or two for me though. The wrapper, is obviously red, with the white 'Roses' written on it.

As you can probably tell from the name, this is another nutty chocolate. This is another circular shaped chocolate with a praline centre covered in milk chocolate. Not one of my favourites, but nice if you like your nuts! Obviously, it contains nuts, just thought I'd mention that. The wrapper is a golden wrapper with 'Roses' written in white, as usual.

This chocolate is actually in the shape of a nut. It is milk chocolate covering runny caramel, with a hazelnut in the centre. The hazelnut isn't that big, so when I run out of 'Golden Barrels', I take one of these, bite it in half, and just take out the hazelnut, and you basically just end up with a 'Golden Barrel'. The wrapper is dark purple with 'Roses' written in white once again. Another chocolate that doesn't have the * on the box to say that it contains nuts, so be careful of this if you are allergic to nuts or just don't like them.

For Cadbury 'Roses', there are 3 different sized cartons. There is a small carton, which is the cheapest and doesn't have a lot of chocolates in it, maybe one of each. You can buy a medium sized carton, which has a few more chocolates in it and is a bit dearer than the smallest carton, or you can buy a large carton which has even more chocolates in the box, and obviously cost a bit more than the small and medium sized cartons. I cannot tell you the price of the cartons as they are different prices wherever you go. The corner shop could be a completely different price than your local Kwik Save or Asda.

You can also buy the tins, which have quite a lot of chocolates in them. These are more popular at Christmas time, and I think there is about 3 large cartons worth of chocolates in a tin. Obviously, the tin cost more than the cartons, but again, the prices range from wherever you buy them from.

There is a quite new selection of 'Roses' which you can buy, which is called 'Roses Luxury Collection'. These are the flat boxes with about 1 of each chocolate included in their own slot. Again, prices range where you buy them from.

I am reviewing the largest carton, and I bought this for £2.50 at Asda.

The carton is blue, with roses all over it. 'Roses; is written in white on the front of the carton, as usual! There is also a purple design at the bottom of the carton. The sides of the cartons include all the stuff that food ][COLOR=#7d7d7d]products[/COLOR] have to state on their packaging such as: ingredients, nutritional information, address, website, weight and Cadbury's description of their 'Roses' product. The back of the carton is purple with blobs of blue all over, and has all the chocolates listed, with their wrappers, so you know what the chocolate looks like without getting a chocolate and opening and tasting it not knowing what it is. A catchy packaging, but I think we all know what the Roses cartons look like don't we?

Can someone please help me!?My girlfriend has a nut allergy, so we need … Can someone please help me!?My girlfriend has a nut allergy, so we need to know whats in what, if ya get me!Thank you! :santa:

My ex used to conviniently have a nut allergy :-D :thumbsup:
Are these kind of choccies not all produced in a factory that contains nuts, so would therefore be dangerous to eat any of them?
That's what I was thinking :thinking: An assorted tin full could be a bit dodgy for nut allergy sufferer's...
And don't forget to brush your teeth before the next kissing session

My ex used to conviniently have a nut allergy :-D :thumbsup:

Lucky her, cant say i blame her :thumbsup:
Thanks for the help guys!!!

She shouldn't really eat anything produced in a factory handling nuts.
The nuts she can eat are Hazlenut, and I think thats it!!

She has Clarityn which she takes just before just incase.
Anyway, thanks again guys! :thumbsup:

If you give a nut allergy sufferer a packet of Revels, its like playing Russian Roulette!!
Just to point out, Hazelnuts are actually a seed, which is why my g/f is not allergic to them :thumbsup:

Just to point out, Hazelnuts are actually a seed, which is why my g/f is … Just to point out, Hazelnuts are actually a seed, which is why my g/f is not allergic to them :thumbsup:

I'm confused. I was under the impression that all nuts are seeds ?

A nut in botany is a simple dry fruit with one seed (rarely two) in which … A nut in botany is a simple dry fruit with one seed (rarely two) in which the ovary wall becomes very hard (stony or woody) at maturity, and where the seed remains unattached or unfused with the ovary wall. Most nuts come from pistils with inferior ovaries (see flower) and all are indehiscent (not opening at maturity). True nuts are produced - for example - by some plants-families of the order Fagales. Note that not all true nuts are edible; some (e.g. birch, alder, hornbeam, wingnut) are too small to be worth eating. Others, like the tanoak (Lithocarpus densiflorus), are bitter due to tannins and require extensive leaching before they are edible.

I dunno Stora.
Just goin by what Im told by the other half! :roll:
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