Just asked Orange for my PAC but didn't get retention offer.

    I'm planning on leaving Orange and when I rang for my Pac, was surprised that they didn't try and match the offer or even make any offer.

    Could it be that I told them the deal I was looking at was with T-mobile and apparently T-mobile and Orange are merging


    they dont love you



    I got retention and no they aint

    I got mine from o2 on Wednesday and didn't get offered anything either.


    UNLUCKYI got retention and no they aint

    you can get tablets for that

    The last time I upgraded I was told to take the offer or run and jump! Im due an upgrade Monday. Will probably run down my contract. I get free home broadband, 600 mins and unlimited texs for £25 a month. What did they offer you? Its not looking very good!

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    Yes, I guess they hate me. The info on the Orange/T-mobile merger is here -

    This is the deal I'm looking at, what do you think for a low user?.

    My Post

    why you want to stay with orange is beyond me.. overbranded junkware, disconnections, bad signal sometimes..

    i keep forgetting to complain!

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    I've been with them 17 years and never had a problem and they let me go just like that.

    Yep they're merging so a competing Orange Deal when leaving T-Mobile or reverse as here, will not garner any retention deals... as you're just moving into a sister company.

    Everything Everywhere I think is the new parent company with EE shops having both or one of the two brands.

    I would of asked why exactly no retention, hung up and come back with a Three/O2/Voda offer to bargain with when asking for PAC

    i've just left them....previously had 200 mins unlimited text for £10 per month....offered same deal with crap phone for £25 per month....

    When you're asking for your PAC, claiming that you're off to join O2 is by far the best lie to use. Since an O2 mobile contract gets you £5 a month off your O2 broadband contract, you can knock a healthy £120 off your TCO figure. Makes for a way stronger haggling position.

    they will probably call you in a few days , thats what vodafone done with me


    they will probably call you in a few days , thats what vodafone done with … they will probably call you in a few days , thats what vodafone done with me

    if he has a pac and uses it straight away it will have already gone through in a few days.

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    Not got my pac yet as its being posted out.

    Even if they give u the PAC, you don't have to use. You can wait until it expires and request it again and see if they will offer you the next time.

    I didn't get the upgrade I wanted from 02 (and that was after I lied about going to Vodafone). Went all the way through to cancellation dept and got the PAC code. Think they're wise now to folk fibbing to get a better deal. OH ended up buying the phone for me elsewhere and I just kept the simplicity plan.
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