just back from pc world Sapphire ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512MB PCI-E Graphics Card - £19.97 @ PC World

just been on the phone and pc world has given me 25 pounds and a lletter with 10% discount as it is their error as both pro and non pro have the same skew numbers and even threw extra in towards my petrol.by the way the 0800 number in the previous post did'nt work .what did you get for their mistake


Thats a good price, thanks for the update, lad...!!!


eh??, did you buy something or what? don't understand this post at all..

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yes bought the card but wasnt given the pro as advertised so phoned and complained when they gave me 10% off voucher and 25 pounds in voucher as was their mistake advertised the wrong card.

Lucky you, I've had no luck, I've been emailing customer services on the last occasion with photos to prove been given wrong card and basically been told to go back to store, now my local store is closed for refit and can't go to another store as that was the closest (takes over an hour to get there alone) So just got off the phone (on hold for about 8mins - total 14mins) to be told again go to the store when it reopens, phone operator guesses the store won't be open in the next 4 weeks so over 28days return policy. But she logged the error and if I do have problems in store she gave me a ref. no. and tell the staff to ring up whilst I'm in the store.

The phone operator also tells me that email enquiries are diiferent to phone enquiries so she had no references to my problem.
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