Just been Asked to relocate from the Midlands to Bournemouth - What'd You Think?/

I'd like to live by the seaside. However, if you have a fear of seagulls, I probably wouldn't recommend it. :whistling:
Seaguls, your right didn;t think about them
I like it in bournmouth my auntie stay there so we go down to see her.
Is that not where the older generation live? and besides living in the Midlands like me we start to get a little nervous when we are near the sea:thinking:
Kareokecol move there recently from Newquay. He's thinks it's a really good place.
- warmer
-you'd be leaving the midlands

-you'd be living with us southerners! (I'm an ex-brummie lol )
-you'd be leaving the midlands

Why would you be relocating?
Go for it!! You need to take opportunities of change when they are offered!! Plus the fish & chips will be endless!!! LOL!!
Do you have a mobility clause in your contract?
Just got offered a new job down there, package is fine, think the advantages are better than the disadvantages but just needed some impartial advice.
The South is a great place! Bournemouth is not just for OAP's! Go for it. Who is your company?
Me, OH, 4 kids & the in laws are moving to Seaford (30 mins from Brighton one way and 30 mins from eastbourne the other).
Bournemouth is a lovely place.
I'm feelin positive vibes here, not signed any contracts yet and so best not say just in case your my new boss. if so you are , Thanks very much
I know we are having a laugh with this but if you fell it's the right thing to do then it most probably is. Good luck and i am sure you will make the correct choice
employment isnt to be sniffed at these days.

will you have job security?

if you have a family i would think it through long and hard as children will need to move schools, wife her work... If its just you, what have you got to lose? Its just a few hrs down the motherway, not a world away!

Good luck with your decision x
Go down for a weekend and get a feel for it yourself. Its a great place with a large student and senior population, but like any seaside town can be a bit depressing in the middle of winter.
Id be gone like a shot. I love the sea
Hi - like the wonderful chesso said previously, I moved here a few months back and can honestly say, it's a top place to be.

I live just outside the town centre, about 3/4 mile from the main beach/pier. I live in Charminster, which has a fairly high density of foreigners/students due to a large amount of English schools nearby. That's not a bad thing though because the students are all pretty good, they don't get drunk & lairy like us Brits and they are clean. It also means we are spoilt for choice for cosmopolitan restaurants, bistros and bars as well.

The beach is great all year round, clean, safe & good for surfing - a new surf reef is being built at the mo! Loads of nice scenery with the New Forest a few miles away as well.

Loads of shops here, and the schools are all good. It is a tad quieter now with it being winter but having said that, there's loads going on still, nightlife etc. if you want it.

Downsides- like any seaside town these days, it has a few rundown areas, a few druggies/tramps on the street corners and in the summer, we get plagued by stag nights. But, if you don't go out looking for trouble, you won't find any.

Let me know if you need any further info no probs.

And by the way, if your new job here didn't work out, there are plenty more here.All year round.

Good luck in whatever decision you come to.


Hey Col, What a great guy you are to do a really good description and offer any more help. Hope the OP comes back from suspension to thank you.



and in the summer, we get plagued by stag nights.

I made myself giggle by thinking - 'What do you expect near the New Forest?':giggle:

Have you got something good booked for Valentine's?
AND, weren't you going to tell us how the 8o's ( was it) night went or I might have missed it on my latest holiday.
"Have you got something good booked for Valentine's?
AND, weren't you going to tell us how the 8o's ( was it) night went or I might have missed it on my latest holiday."

Hi Chesso! How's tricks??

Another holiday?? my, how the uv-ver 'arf live!! Hope you had a smashing time - Where to on this one? Any links to any pics??

No, nothing booked for Valentines as yet. I tend not to plan such occasions so far ahead. I am a bloke after all. I think the Esso round the corner is doing a BOGOF on Chrysanthemums though so she might be in luck yet!!:w00t:

I did do a quick report somewhere on here re: the 80's gig. A long night but a goody. Great venue overlooking Bourneouth gardens all lit up. I went as 'George Michael'. Hmmm.

I promise to put some pics on your 2009 thread this week - I've got some gig pics, and some snowy ones too!:-D

Did Pasty-land get any snow? I remember that little downfall a couple of years back. It took me from 230pm to 11pm to get from Camborne to Newquay - all 16miles!:x

Oh the good old days.
Edit - why have they suspended the OP - he's only got 16 posts?? strange.
Well you just have to make the most of the first year of retirement; you mightn't get another one:w00t: Got to make the most of things, in general.
We went to Madeira. The pics are in the photo thread so when you post your contributions you can have a quick look. Actually I looked up these links for someone asking about a Madeira holiday, so
See this thread for pics of the hotel
and this thread for Madeira discussion and pics
spread over a couple of pages.
Pasty-land ground to a halt of course. Luckily the snow arrived at about 4pm so most people eventually managed to get home. Were you in that huge tail-back from where a lorry had slewed across at the top of a hill, I seem to remember?
It's nearly all gone now but a good time was had by all. The sons' G/Fs built a huge snowman and his shrunken body is all that remains of the snow.
BOGOF on the Chrysants- shame that mother's day isn't closer.:whistling:
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