Just been to a party came home and noticed a 25% deal on just eat....

so i ordered a nice big Indian..........probably be sleeping by the time it gets here.


Yummy, Yum, Yum......:D


did they not have any party food at the party?

forget buying indian, plenty at home
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I had a nice home cooker meal, there is only 2 takeaways that Just Eat have in my area and one is good but closed today and other is overpriced so even with 25% off it becomes the same price as most of the other take aways in town so no real saving and the food isnt as good either.

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did they not have any party food at the party?

they did but it got waxed before 5 bells and now i'm hank with the drink.

Never go out drinking and come back and order a big Indian..............never ends well


Nice big Indian?


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Nice big Indian?

still awake..............can smell it coming in the clapped out mark 2 fiesta

Ha Ha, false hunger.
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