just booked up for new tattoo - Advice please!

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Found 1st Aug 2008
Ive just been and booked up for my new tattoo which im getting on the 27th of this month.

I am getting a pink star with black swirly things at each side, at the top of my back.

I am also getting my sons name underneath it, but wanted my fiances name above it aswell.

My parents think i am crazy for wanting it. Im 22, we have been together 5 years, angaged for 4, are really happy and he is my sons Dad.

what do you lot think

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i regret all of mine, dont spoil natural beauty

I think what your doing is very generic.

I love my husband been together 11 years but I still wouldn't get his name tatooed on me.
However my next tatoo is gonna be my sons name. The way i see it is he's part of me and nothing in the world can change that

tattoos are for ever, not just for the 27th ........ think hard...

I know it's personal preference, but I don't like tattoos on ladies. Get the Mr to buy you a nice piece of jewellery instead, that way you still have a nice memento to remind you of good times.

Why not

I have 5 myself, they're all really bad but I don't regret having any of them

If you want his name there go for it, even if it does all go wrong most tattooists do covers up

personally i have loads of tattoos and have never regretted any of them but i would never get a partners name, a symbol or a word that means something to you yeah why not but you never know whats gonna happen in 10 years time (so glad i never had his name done lol).

that said it is completely your choice

By all means go for your sons name, ive had two partners names tattoo'd thought the relationships where rock solid and they went downhill very fast afterwards, the first one is over completely and the second persons name well the relationships is rockier than gibraltar, however she is my sons mum and I will always love her for giving me that gift if nothing else.

I'll add aswell my Dad has my mums name tattooed on his right arm, they have been seperated now for over 10 years and he still has it (he's re married now)

He always says that it is part of him and he's not going to cover up the fact that he was married to her, the two of them don't even speak to each other anymore but he still wont cover it up

You should know exactly how you feel already about the tattoo, if you excited and have no doubts about doing it, then go for it, but if you're not sure then wait a while see if things become clear, :-D

I've got several tattoo's, Some I love, Most I regret. I've been married 7 years but would never have my wife's name.

i never had my parners name, my kids yes but never his, i just wouldnt, i must of known :lol:

he however has my name, i told him not to, but would he listen :roll:

Original Poster

well what i was think anyway, absolute worst case senario (spell!!!!) my partners name is the same as my dads, so could just add my mams name to it!! or get it covered!

I have a small black panther on my back which I kinda wish I hadn't done but I generally forget it's there anyway. I will definately get my childrens names done as some point though and although I love my husband, I wouldn't get his. He has mine though and the kids. My bruv has painted his baby daughters foot and printed it on paper and took it to the tattooist who put it on his chest with her name - it's lovely.

cripes youre so brave all of you with tatoo's I'm too much of a wimp but would like one,just the thought of needles makes me start feeling queasy

cripes youre so brave all of you with tatoo's I'm too much of a wimp but would like one,just the thought of needles makes me start feeling queasy

so quesy - u have to say it twice, lol x


How about this one:thumbsup:



so quesy - u have to ay it twice, lol x

yup lol darn pooter:x


save your cash and get some spray on ones ..less pain and can have a different one every week:thumbsup:

I have two tattoos and don't regret either. Wouldn't have my oh name though, you never know.
Have taken precautions and had both tattoos someplace they will not show when I'm a wrinkly!

Ive got 9 altogether 5 of those where done in one day! (10 if you include the one thats covered by another).

(and dont regret one- apart from the one that is now covered).

and remember:

[CENTER][FONT=Fixedsys][SIZE=5]A good tattoo isnt cheap, and a cheap tattoo isnt good[/SIZE][/FONT]......

Kids names yes
Partners name no
Lower neck no

i have a small flower, i also want something to represent my daughter and the new baby but i dont to write there names on me as so many people have it done, i was thinking about getting a mother penguin and two baby penguin's under her wings, but still unsure, been thinking about it for the past year or so still not decided on a design i like, but i want to desgin mine myself, there isnt any good tattoo shops near me my friend had a big one done in one near me they didnt bother to shade it properly looks rubbish

Damn all this talk of tats has me itching to get another, maybe a Devil/Angel ambigram on my left inner forearm.



I agree with the others. I'd have my kids names but not my hubbys and we've been together for 16yrs. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

i have been with my hubby for 15yrs(since i was 17!!!) he is my kids dad and i have a tattoo but only have his initial, but i have my kids names in full as they will always be my sons but i might not always be with my hubby (hopefully i will but you never know) hope this helps

got three tats if you are planning on spending the rest of your life with your partner i can't see the prob
i personally wouldn't but i wouldn;t get anyones name including children i would get somthing a drawing that reminds you of a special time with your partner/children not just a bland name or get your kids to draw a pic of all you together and get it tattooed
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