just bought a golf need help

as above its a r-reg 1.4 16 v mk 4 i think. does anybody know ware i can get some cheap 16 or 17 inch alloys. thanks in advance


give these guys a call - audivwparts.co.uk/
based in Angmering in West Sussex. Always been extremely helpful to me

as posted in your other thread...

might want to factor in another couple of hundred for new suspension... a mk4 golf on 17's is going to look like its on stilts

Have a look on a few of the VW enthusiast forums, theres often people selling 2nd hand wheels and they're generally well looked after. I used to use edition38.com/for…ms/ and] http//fo…om/ both of which are great communities and have members who'll tell you all you need to know about which offset, tyre width and sidewall depth will give you the best fit and ride.

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both of you thanks very helpful

How much are you looking at spending and what area are you in, i have 2 sets for sale..

Also worth checking out uk-mkivs.net

Back in the day I had 17s on my mkiv GTI and it sat fine they were a factory option :thumbsup:

lol at thread title.........

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iam from warrington lookin to spend 2 and 3 ton


iam from warrington lookin to spend 2 and 3 ton

Got a set of rs4 replica alloys with tyres not great condition but not bad will let them go for £200, had them on a mk4 golf and they looked good.

Talking from experience, Big alloys and Lowered suspension may look great but it will more than likely spoil the ride of your golf plus you will not get your money back when it comes to selling it later.
Also, Insurance companies tend to hate people Modding there cars also so will probably wack a large amount on top of your premium.
Why not spend the money improving the golfs ICE ( in car entertainment ) Gotta have decent sounds in a car and you can just transfer it all to your next car when you get one.

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what size are they and ware you based

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dont think i will get it lowered just want some nice wheels. iam already on to buyin a top sound system.

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can you put a pic up will defo consider thanks

Yep will try put some pics up tomorrow..
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