Just bought a nuna pepp stroller has anyone got one do u recommend it, can't find many reviews

    Hi I've just bought a nuna pepp from kiddicare for my 23 month old which is being delivered tomorrow, she is small for her age so dnt have no worry about seat sizing as I tired her in it at the shop and she had loads off room, needed something small to fit into the back off my zaifia when all 6 seats are up which this also does, but I've been worrying about my decision as there isn't a lot off reviews about for the stroller, and have never seen one out in public which I like but is that a bad thing, I've been told by staff at kiddicare thay dnt allow returns once taken out the box, if anyone has had one or has one do u recommend it like it or dislike it ect
    Thank you Becky

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