Just bought a Wii

    Well guys and girls,

    I just bought a Wii for me and my family (Bro mum and dad) came with one pad and wii sport, I wondered what you would say the essentials are for any Wii?

    Preferably I would be after an additional pad. Which games are must haves? How can you get them chipped? Thanks


    Get Metroid Prime 3 (if you like shooting games) and Super Mario Galaxy. Also, you should make sure that you have at least 2 Wii Remotes and Nunchucks, so that you can at least play 2 player (The Wii comes with one nunchuck and one Wii Remote). Also the Wii Remotes use batteries, so you'll probably either need rechargeable batteries or you could buy a Wii Remote Charginig Station, there are some for around £10-£17. Also, the Wii can be chipped, but I'm not sure how or any problems that might occur with chipping it. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks where is he cheapest place to get a nunchuck and remote? Also what would I need an SD card for is it for when i download games?

    Remotes are ~£30, Nunchucks ~£14,

    I don't know who has stock, the remotes were hard to find a week or so ago.

    Yeah and SD card for download games.…tml
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