Just bought a Wii U - any deals on Nintendo eShop vouchers?

Found 19th Jul 2013
Getting my Wii U later.. and even though i've had a Wii since lauch, i never made a purchase on the virtual console or for any digital games!!
Think I will be buying a few games this time round... can anyone advice how you pay for downloads and also if you can pick up any deals with ecards/codes like you can occasionally with PSN vouchers!

I've got the 32gb version, how long does it take to fill up? Whats everyone upgraded with..additional SD card or hard drive?

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been searching everywhere for a deal on eshop points...came up empty handed. might as well just load it up from ur debit card or trade some stuff in at a Game store and get 'em. I haven't downloaded any disc based games but I've got almost all the eshop only games(little inferno, toki tori 2, bit runner etc) and I still have 17gb left. I would consider getting a 500gb hard drive eventually.
i ended up buying a couple of £15 ones from game.co.uk and used the 15% off code!

Yeah i've got toki tori 2+, but will keep to disc based games for most.
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