Just bought an mda PDA phone, is there anywhere I can get the settings for three?

    going to get it unlocked today as its locked on t mobile but i will need the settings for 3g three hutchinson anyone know where i can get them from please?



    aka O2 XDA EXEC - QTEK 9000 - JASJAR

    Try the XDA Developers forum.

    You would be as well joining so you can post to ask things.

    Also the have loads of links for software - and you should be able to get WM6 on it.


    Or use the XDA-developers forum - and max out your PDAs abilities and unlock for free.

    Edit. Damn... someone was quicker off the draw - and a better answer! Boo!:oops:

    Another vote for XDA developers, superb resource for HTC devices.


    Not sure what you mean there is nothing for your phone, it has four forum sections dedicated to it although it makes searching more difficult as three is such a general term. Any WM5 settings should be fine.

    This seems to be what you're looking for:…611


    Your Phone is actually called a HTC Universal

    A quick search pulls up numerous results about unlocking the phone on that forum.


    If you're downloading any of the trusted software then I'd recheck your own system or your virus scanner.

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