Just bought new phone. (e2save)

Hey please can someone help. I have just ordered a new contract phone from e2save. On the e2save tracking website is says shipped but there is no tracking number under delivery to see whats happening with my phone, last email I got said "We are pleased to confirm that your order has been successfully processed and will be dispatched shortly from our logistics centre. To track your order please log-in to your customer log-in area"

What does this mean, will I still get it or is there something wrong?


its being sent straight to mazumamobile.


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its being sent straight to mazumamobile.Sorry

Please I want an actual answer, as I really want this phone.

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Anyone please

never had any problems with them

It just means they haven't sent it yet... Check again on Monday & you should get an update on the status considering Sunday is not a business day

I ordered a payg phone from them last night to go to my business address (family!) it still hasn't tracked either but I've never had any problems with them, don't panic.

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saj82 and chalkysoil Thank you for your answers I feel much better now knowing that, I was just concerned as the women from e2save said it will be delivered on Monday.


I have it

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One thing though I got my email aknowledgement 4:35 yesterday, is it still the same where it will be tracked Monday?

I hate companies where you buy things from them then you're not allowed to ask them questions about what you've bought, so you have to go on internet forums to get answers to simple questions that any good company would answer for you.


Hi joshjw,

If you want any help with your order please dont hesitate to contact me at [email protected]
I am more than happy to help.



i too have been informed that order was shipped yesterday. there is no trackin number when i log into my account. it says delivery by yodel but when i spoke to them they tellin me they have nothin an when i contact customer care they sendin an email sayin they will bw in touch in 24 hr i have sat in all day today for nothin when i could be out doing my daily chores its disgustin an now i am ment to wait in again all day tomorrow. e2save should give trackin numbers on the login in/order page. its a joke...not happy 1 bit Grrrrr

How long does it take for first payment to come out your bank when u order a phone off e2 ??

Marriage is a lot like a mobile phone contract.

At first it's love at first sight, you love your new shiny handset and want to show it off to everyone.

Despite thinking that it is 'the one', time passes and the phone develops faults. Then new mobiles come out - mobiles that do things that yours can't or won't so. You get curious and start looking at other phones, then you want to leave yours and get another but it costs too much money to get out of your contract.

Eventually, just like every other mobile you have ever had, this new one has issues that you have not come across before and then you're back at square one again.

Good old Nokia 3310. You were always there for me and I treated you like **** ...
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