just brought asus eee pc 701 8gb help required

Found 26th Oct 2008
guys i have just brought the above item from toys r us for 179.00 however i have just seen the acer 8.9" screen on pc world for the same price it is for my son for crimbo all he does is go on you tube and we want our laptop back hence the purchase however i dont know now which one is the better model i.e should i go for larger screen etc, any help or opinions would be geatly recieved



Don't see any real difference apart from the Acer having a bigger screen, better resolution.
Eee PC is a good little machine

Hope it helps

The acer has poor speakers and a glossy reflective screen and the 800x480 screen on the eee will fit a complete youtube video on it at their normal quality.

The eee also has a faster SSD but that doesn't really matter for youtube. (although if you spent the extra £30 on the 8GB model over the 4GB maybe the hard drive is important to you?). It also has a two year warranty compared to the one on the acer.

The acer has a better keyboard and an extra SD slot that you can use to add extra space.
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