Just changed my bank account

    have I got stay with the bank for a year or can I change it again?? within in a couple of months?


    Read the [email protected]
    Edited by: "rogparki" 10th Dec 2014

    Unless you have to pay a monthly fee on your account, why close it? Just open another account with another bank.

    But if you really need to know if there are any penalties, why not ask your bank directly?

    As far as I'm aware banks cannot 'tie' you to their current account services like they can with a mortgage.

    Like Rogparki says, check Ts&Cs ... If you switched to Halifax for the £100 (or whatever it is) I doubt they'll just let you take that money and switch to somone else a week later without paying that money back.

    It would be helpful if the OP told us which bank, he or she is talking about.
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