Just come across a really good website…php

    Online car boot sale site, you can browse by pitch, search for something in particular and even haggle with the price! Might be worth keeping an eye on.

    PS. sorry if this is not allowed on here


    Bit late to start trawling through it now, but that looks quite good.

    Free pitch for 90 days to have a go too.

    oh cool might give this one a go

    could be interesting


    You'd also get your items advertisd through google shopping, if I'm right.

    JD? Location: Nottingham? have you moved in with Tom & Gav?



    JD? Location: Nottingham? have you moved in with Tom & Gav?

    Nope, it seemed the place to be. I mainly did it so if anyone annoyed me I could say, "If you've got a problem with me, come to Nottingham and we'll sort it out." And the opportunity arose the very day after.

    awww thats a shame! we could have met up for coffee or a game of bowls.
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