Just curious is Playstation live back up and running yet?

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Found 5th May 2011
Just as stated above ...........it was supposed to go back on line today .....but that was before they announced they had lost an extra 25 million peoples data on top of the 77 million ......so I was just wondering.

Glad to be a xbox Live owner personally.


This won't end well


in b4 fan boys and haters

Not back up yet.

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Oh dear.........its still down, wonder if it will ever be back up again!!
Now I know why I am so happy to pay for my X-box live !!

inb4 fanboys ... oh damn - beaten to it !

It has been down for a long while now and I'm betting PS3 loyalists and avid online gamers are now infuriated.

Packed up my PS3 to be sent off today Be gone.
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