Just discovered why DHL have gone downhill...

    Probably like many others am still waiting for a DHL next day delivery posted 2 weeks ago. At the time when I saw the courier was DHL I thought "great, at least it's a premium delivery company and not the HDN noddies". I know that the weather is playing a big part in all this, but then I came across this on their website that may also explain the delay...

    DHL Domestic Information
    DHL Domestic is now an independent business owned by Parcelpoint Limited (PPL), a sister company of Home Delivery Network (HDN), and is not part of the DHL group of companies.

    In March 2010 DHL Express UK completed the sale of its UK domestic parcel delivery business to HDN, in a move enabling DHL to fully focus on its core strengths as the country’s leading international express delivery company. As part of the sale agreement, PPL has the benefit of using the DHL Domestic brand for the short to medium term.

    The sale had no impact on DHL Express’s International Time Definite and Same Day express services, including Servicepoint and DHLitNow. The other DHL businesses in the UK – namely DHL Freight, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Supply Chain, DHL Global Mail and Williams Lea were also unaffected by the sale.

    HDN is a strong and well-respected company in the UK and the combination of HDN and Parcelpoint will certainly create an unrivalled service for all UK domestic parcel customers. The DHL Domestic management team who transferred with the business remain fully committed to serving their customers to the highest standard.

    Should you have any queries, please contact DHL Express or DHL Domestic through your normal channel of communication.



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    No I know the weather is the major player in all this, just HDN have a particularly bad track record of delivering anything to me on time...

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    Nope not at all, but was just trawling the website and found that they're not actually anything to do with DHL any more, thought I'd share it (and my views, which as with anyone's opinion can be accepted or challenged!)

    I was waiting on two items to be delivered by DHL, spotted one day that they were out with the courier and later that night saw that one had been put as 'unable to locate my address' and another saying delivered. I thought thats not right, how can you deliver an item if you can't find the address, so the next day I gave them a call, turns out that they not only deliver themselves, they do sometimes get HNDL to deliver items for them and they also get local small courier companies to deliver. My parcels were with a small local company who wouldn't answer their phone. Later that day the parcels were delivered and the guy explained he ran out of time the day before and so just put anything down to keep his money from DHL. I guess, don't always assume that the courier you think its with will actually deliver it.

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    No in post 2 I said that HDN have a bad record of delivering on this time I'm still waiting for DHL after 2 weeks but have already noted that the weather is the major player. Still receiving City Link and ParcelForce packages on time though...

    ive been using [email protected] for everything without knowing this, nothing ive sent has suffered and ive sent a lot.

    but thanks for making me aware of this change.


    Everything but 1 thing today, things that have been about 4 weeks late, but everything has come from 4 different companys ;),

    I'm having grief with ebuyer/citylink paid for next working day delivery on Thursday was meant to be delivered friday, but the only update I get is that they have picked it up from ebuyer on Thursday. Can't get in touch to speak to neither.

    The parcel I am waiting for through DHL was apparently delivered to me on 14th Dec - according to the tracking on their website - but which is totally untrue as I have received nothing from them yet plus that was the day after we got bombarded with a huge snowfall on 13th Dec and absolutely nothing could get in or out of where we stay so I know that they didn't deliver that day.

    HDN have been find for me... used them member of times...

    Top tip is to pay HDN prices and get the DHL service...

    A few items where i used DHL to pick up, where delivered in HDN branded vans.

    and to the OP.... its the weather for the delay... not because of this ! oO


    HDN is a strong and well-respected company in the UK

    I lol'd.



    I like HDN... the driver that delivers round my way is really helpful and … I like HDN... the driver that delivers round my way is really helpful and friendly... he's phoned my mobile a couple of times if I havent been in to tell me he'll come back later....dont get that with any of the others..they usually hide my parcels in my wheelie bin and dont tell me

    He's not phoning your mobile because of your parcel...



    yes he is.. he is a lovely man... always friendly....asking me how my day … yes he is.. he is a lovely man... always friendly....asking me how my day is...remembers my is a bit strange he kept my mob number from the first time it was on one parcel.... its starting to sound strange now.....oO


    and you do realise HDN drivers have never grabbed my **** either. Nor text me late at night.

    HDN are rebranding in January to Yodel, I wonder why? Is it because when you google HDNL you get heaps of unhappy customers?


    The supporters of HDN are surely in the minority. Everything about them stinks. They should team up with Citylink to creat a supercrap company.

    For my M1 area in Manchester, you're almost guaranteed not to receive your parcel if its coming from DHL domestic. My most recent delivery got carded 3 times even though I was at home all 3 occasions. Its extremely frustrating because there is simply no way to get my parcel other than to flag down their vans, they've also stopped collection services because their of their huge huge backlog.

    I suspect their drivers are purposely refusing to deliver parcels (maybe dissatisfaction over management?), as I caught one of them carding my address without even ringing the bell or knocking!

    Also, don't bother giving instructions about your delivery (calling your mobile phone, leaving parcel at neighbors' , etc) as their customer service won't pass it over to their drivers. I've been told by their cust service reps that such request are entertained over the phone but ultimately ignored.

    Posted this already in the parcel thread re. the parcel that allegedly was delivered to me last week (but wasn't) I emailed Tomy yesterday and said I hadn't received it and was told a replacement would be sent but couldn't guarantee before Christmas. It arrived this morning by DHL dated 21st Dec so it wasn't the original one. Strange how they can deliver some things.
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