Just done the vacuuming (with my new Roomba)

Found 10th Aug 2010
it works really well , very pleased with him, if you have large open plan areas get one!
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I loved mine, inported it from the states...

It after 3 years and a load of repairs is now in the roomba graveyard...

As the main motor starts it switches off..

Have all the bits, including wall holder, charger, two magic wall eyes, plan to ebay to lot for spares...

Great while it worked, would recommend a roomba official only...

Wow up by 9 doing vaccuming. I'd be in bed loool
I have one, got it from the states 4 years ago. It's great BUT if you have any wires hanging around or anything it can get tangled up in or it can mangle, then it will. You spend 15 minutes going round the rooms picking up anything that it might attack. Then once it has started you go around helping it as it gets stuck or confused.

Easier to just buy a brush and run that across the floor.
I think it works best in modern open plan and clutter free houses, we have a large open plan ground floor with Karndean(vinyl woodplank) and it shows up all the dust and cat hairs so Roomba does the job great , and the entertainment value is high
I bought Roomba couple of years ago, it worked well for a month and then started complaining all the time. Rang customer services, they said it was faulty send it back and got a replacement one and couple of moths later it stoped picking up anything. Cleaned it lots of times to make sure all the brushes and filters were clean. Just gave up at the end.
It was great when it worked but shame that was only for a short time. I felt it was too much hastle at the end.
wish i had one...sounds great.
just watched a demo on you tube.
ooh is this one of those little round thingys that basically goes round hoovering for you ? '' i want one !! '' but always been put off by price and whether it would yet another gadget for the cupboard !
take a look at this cat
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