Just downloaded Monkey Island for the iPhone but....

    it comes in 2 parts, how on earth do I run the game? I have tried moving the ipa file over and placing into the itunes app library but it won't let me




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    There is 2 files but they won't move over, do you have to install the files in a special way?

    Where did you download it from? Is your iPhone jailbroken?

    Double click it and it will pop into iTunes

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    Yeh jailbroken and downloaded it from apptracker

    might have to merge the files or something?

    You fight like a cow.

    get 'installous' for iphone, as your jailbroken, from cydia.
    find the game in there, download over wifi or something.
    so much easier then faffing about with ipa's in itunes

    Install0us not installous - 1st one is better ;-)

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    When I click on Installous it takes me to Apptrackr anyway, from their you have to download 2 packets again at any of the downloadable sites


    You fight like a cow.

    You fight like a dairy farmer.


    You fight like a dairy farmer.

    I am rubber you are glue, used to love that game.
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