Found 24th Dec 2016

I just mistakenly drank a litre of yellow gloss paint. My partner put it in a glass bottle for storage, I thought it was a snowball!

Luckily it was mixed with ice so slightly watered down.

Should I be worried?

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No, you will shine throughout the festive period and won't need to get all emulsional
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You'll have shiny hair and a a lovely finish, mind you if you get cremated it may takes the fire brigade several days to put the fire out!

Yes, your tastebuds need checking. ;-) Merry Christmas.

You couldn't smell the gloss paint? I think after the first sip you'd know something was amiss.I'd get myself to A&E just to be safe. I do hope you're ok though.

PS Snowballs are white unless you peed in it and also it would not form a single consistent mixture as water and gloss form an immiscible layer because one is inorganic and the other organic

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Festive turd time

So, we've had somebody who swallowed a Quality Street chocolate with the wrapper still on, somebody who had a bath with grout powder in the water, and now somebody who drank gloss paint thinking it was a snowball.

You DO all know it's 24th December and not April 1st, don't you?

try some with a tile grout chaser, closely followed by a raw ham sandwich and then eat a quality Street wrapper. you will be fine in the morning. lol

Oh yeah, and the raw ham sandwich! It's like NHS Direct in here today! The number is 111 BTW. Merry Christmas!

can tell its a slow news day

I'd eat a bit of raw turkey. Then stand in your room that you want decorated. If the room is quite narrow that's a bonus. Two walls at once...

Try a white spirit chaser and a ciggie and you'll brighten up.

You might find yourself getting cold if it was only one coat gloss so I'd put an anorak on to keep yourself warm

Maybe you might do a white poo, just like doggies seemed to leave everywhere in the 1970s.


it will be like watching paint dry in the a+E department.

white poop will return just like the eightys oO

Go paint the town !!

I swallowed a £2 coin yesterday and felt a bit ill, its been 24hrs now but still no change.

check out shoenice on YouTube he eats an drinks what he wants an he is still here

Original Poster

Hehe, couldn't resist posting this after seeing some of the daft antics that came before it. I am okay... it turns out it was just matt emulsion after all.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Are you sure it wasn't TOWIE paint as that goes with anything and spreads easily

Go drink some paint thinners it will stop any blockage.

You've painted quite a serious picture, this is not something you should just gloss over
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