Takeaway (Just Eat/Uber Eats/Deliveroo/Foodhub) Voucher/Discount Code | Official Trading Thread

Posted 8th Sep 2018
Update 1
Offering and accepting of any codes in this thread (or across hotukdeals) is the responsibility of our members. It is your own responsibility to comply with the terms of any 3rd party and ensuring any eligibility requirements are met.

There are risks involved in any trade so be sure to understand these before trading.
EDIT: Thread updated, all discount codes from all takeaway services can be shared here


If you've found this page via Google or any other search engine, please note that this is a deals forum - CODES ARE SHARED BY MEMBERS BUT AREN'T GENERATED HERE.Just Eat customer service cannot be contacted through this page, visit just-eat.co.uk/help instead.

Need a Just Eat discount code or have a spare to share? You're in the right place!

House Rules:

  • Contributing HUKD members will be prioritised - people who post deals or help out around the site with useful comments.
  • Don't post personal information here
  • Do not attempt to sell codes for money, this is banned on HUKD
  • Only ask for a code if you are sure that you can use it
  • If giving a code away, include the member you have given the code to on this thread to avoid duplicate codes being sent.

To maximise your chances of getting a code, use my tip - create a new Just Eat account and make sure it's on the Just Eat mailing list. DO NOT ORDER WITH THIS ACCOUNT. You will then be sent a discount code on most weekends (usually Friday) which you can then apply to your main Just Eat account.

Credit to @chimp14uk for bringing up the initial suggestion of this thread and to @SupremeJaguar (creator of the Meerkat Movies thread) as I used the structure of their post a bit.

EDIT: Just wanted to say a big thanks to EVERYONE who posts on this thread, especially regulars such as @cainer1, @karlie88, @McShane1, @Pixette, @aMagicalPotato, @Chobotfan and many more. This thread was included in the HUKD Thread Of The Year 2018 and I'll be getting a prize bundle as a result
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