Just fixed my Ackekard TF Slot.

    When I recieved my Acekard 2 from dealextreme the other day and it had a faulty micro sd card slot, as when you put it in it would just cause the micro sd to bounce back out again.

    The soloution I used for a few days was to just wrap a load of selotape around the middle/top of the micro sd card so that it would get stuck.

    However it doesn't always work and can be very bad looking with selotape hanging out lol.

    Today I decided to crack the case open and find out a way of keeping the micro sd in. I wasn't too bothered if it was to be spring loaded or not and so what i did is where it is meant to stay in I put a small amount of solder (Not soldered just in its normal form.

    I've tried it and it works relitively well.

    Anybody else had this problem with there DS card before?

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