Just for fun: Wii slogan competition

    Okay guys, just for a bit of fun. Let's have slogans for the new Nintendo Wii (pronounced "Wee").

    Not just jokes here, but actual slogans.

    "Because the world wasn't childish enough."
    "Wii strive for toilet humor."
    "No, we're not taking the..."

    This is just for fun. There's no prizes. No limit to the number of entires. Just don't make them too rude! I'll photoshop your slogan into a Wii advert for whoever's picked as the favourite and you'll be able to spread our Wii all over the internet.

    Hurry though, I'm not waiting long. I'll shortlist them very soon and add a poll to this thread so you can vote for your favourite. :thumbsup:

    How childish?? :giggle:


    isn't there a game thats coming out called wii sports???? hehe

    it's supposed to be like track and field

    To Wii or not to Wii..........

    Originally to be called Revolution, Nintendo explains the change of name:…075

    mmmm...well, no one is going to forget the name Wii.

    When asked about the presents they have received, there are going to be a lot of little boys being told off by grandma.

    Nintendo smells of Wii

    As per Ricky Gervais:

    "You having a Wii?"

    The Wii - comes with an online option for streaming content!

    The Wii - Can You Hold On Till Xmas?

    The Wii - set to make a big splash this winter.

    [SIZE="2"]That's all for now :oops: [/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    :lol: Poppy, love those!! :-D

    [SIZE=2]Coming soon - Wii - Just a small deposit required!!! [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Are you ready for the grand Wii launch?!?[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Shower your family with the ultimate gift this Xmas - Wii[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Hold the future of gaming in your hands.......Wii[/SIZE]


    I can smell the Game shops now with signs everywhere saying "Wii here" Mmmmm, nice!!!

    Original Poster

    Oh oh oh!!

    "Wii - The tiles the limit" :-D

    Wii are not amused.

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    Get your pwii-order in now!

    its wii-ly good fun

    sorry that was utterly lame

    how about: everyone needs a wii

    Oui, We prefer ze Wii over PS(Thwee)3.

    Wii do do'h don't wii do'h?

    Original Poster


    Wii do do'h don't wii do'h?

    Where's that saying some from??

    I think it was a Harry Enfield sketch - "the Scousers"???

    Are you taking the PS3? No I'm having a Wii

    Got Beaten? Have a Wii-play!

    What colour is your Wii? Light or Dark?

    What better than to go out drinking all night with your mates and come home for a wii?


    Are you taking the PS3? No I'm having a Wii

    lol! good one

    Lock stock, and a shot of wiisky.

    "wii shall not, wii shall not be moved....." ...not :-D

    We sell Wii

    Wii will rock you!

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:


    Nintendo Wii's all over the PS3


    With Nintendo you can be just like Jason Acuna...

    Edit: Sorry, awful. How about...

    'o come on baby, won't you show some class
    Why you want to move so fast.
    Wii don't have to take our clothes off
    To have a good time
    Oh no'
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