Just for laughs

    Thought I would introduce people to this show, I find it brilliant, hopefully some of you will too. Its on BBC or paramount comedy from time to time. :thumbsup:


    I hate this programme with a vengence and I'm not sure why!

    it been on BBC 1 since last year,
    I personally dont find it very funny

    Its mostly ,lets hang a rubber spider on a piece of string and see how many people look scared while we film them

    Not my cup of tea personally, but the world wouldn't be as interesting if we all had the same sense of humour.

    I find most of the pranks quite funny!, It was on bbc1 last night......

    Must admit that the one with the dog was funny.

    Its well funny, i laffed my pants off yesterday!


    its too imature even for me

    I'm not really into these kinds of prank shows, and this one is especially silly...but some how I find I really really enjoy it & I can't explain why!

    I personally enjoy the show, even though most of the pranks are quite rubbish, on occasions, they do come up with a pretty funny stuff at times.

    It's pretty lame. Definitely something I wouldn't go out of my way to watch.


    I normally hate this sort of thing, but if the telly is on and this comes on there are a few that make me laugh. Mainly because of peoples reactions.

    Is this a kids show?

    Although I do find the wet paint one quite funny.…xDM

    Dont like thsi programme. Dont find any of it funny.

    And the constant canned laughter and stupid music/sound effects really wind me up.
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