Just found Daughters christmas list ...

    after being well prepared and buying bargains in November - I discovered a letter left on the fireplace for Father Christmas. Alongside her christmas wish that her cat (Blind and with brain tumour!!!!) will live longer !!!!!, is the request for a lego house! Well I wish I could get the cat to live longer, been to vets today, and he says she does not have long, I guess I need to get this lego house sorted (LEGO Creator 4956 House) Now here is where the problem is - after a swift internet search, it looks like lego houses are like hens teeth!!!
    Please cn any of you lovely HUKDers help and point me in the right direction???


    Ahhh bless her about the cat. Poor little thing.

    I had a quick look on Amazon and I think they have them on there. :thumbsup:


    Merry Xmas and all the best

    yours is top of that list

    is this what you are loking for and sorrry to here about your cat…QAW

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    Thanks debbielon - I was hoping to get a rrp or below. It seems that the traders on amazon have hiked up prices +50-60%.


    Thanks debbielon - I was hoping to get a rrp or below. It seems that the … Thanks debbielon - I was hoping to get a rrp or below. It seems that the traders on amazon have hiked up prices +50-60%.

    None on flea bay....they are like gold dust. You wont get cheaper now I dont think.

    I've had a look and i can't find it. Sorry to hear about your cat.

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    Thanks everyone - I really appreciate your help, and your kind comments - you're all ace.
    I think I'll trawl the shops tomorrow, and then make a decision on amazon.



    Just want to say sorry about your cat, quite sad

    i know this isn't the right one, but how about this one?? Never heard of the company, so you might want to check them out.…752

    awww I have had a good old look around for you but cant seem to find anything :-( there are a few coming up on fleabay but seem to be america way - Perhaps next week the shops will start filling up again as most people will be done, fingers crossed and good luck xxxx

    they've got it in stock for 51.85 AT Lego .Com.Not sure but it may be an U.S store but has delivery costs of 4.25 STANDARD DELIVERY 7 business days and 18.50 EXPRESS DELIVERY 3 business days for UK.Hope this helps and sorry to hear about your cat

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    Hey Leilahfun - great spot. will look into them - they seem to have UK address. Thanks

    Is the Family Home (6754) any good? Only £43 & £5.95 P&P…=en

    hi have you a toysrus near you, they where doing them for £39.99

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    Thanks all again, I have some online stores and high street stores to check now.

    Didn't want to read and run. Sorry, I can't find it anywhere. Really sorry about the cat.

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    Thanks amidiamond

    Have reserved one at local toys r us now - phewww

    Thanks all again
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