Just found this website, offers much better trade's than music magpie

Found 2nd Jul 2010
Found this website, offers some pretty good prices for games. Their also selling games pretty cheaply as well.


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Nice find
Trade's what?
Yeah just checked their website, I was going to sell Godfather 2, Blockbuster and game both offered me £3 but this websites offered me £6.77, really good I think
And they pay cash, rather than trade value?

Wonder how much it would cost to post them seven 360 games...
Im not too sure tbh all I know is the trade in prices are good :-)
Cant get the 'sell' part of the site :lol:
I use these guys all the time to get cash for my games that i havent sold on ebay or if theres too many copies available for sale..

Got an email this morning with a voucher code EXTRATRADE which might be of use to every one else.. gives you an extra 3% trade in on top of their prices. Think it lasts til the end of the week..
Looks a good site, nice find OP.
Thanks OP, everyone think this site is legit?

Thanks OP, everyone think this site is legit?

according to whois this company is UK Limited Company, (Company number: 6250800)

Registrant's address:
PO Box 54981
W3 3AH
United Kingdom

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 24-Jul-2006
Renewal date: 24-Jul-2010
Last updated: 15-Mar-2010

Hope that helps a bit.
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