Just got a BT Infinity Broadband deal - already exceeded data cap. Cashback Question.

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Found 8th Dec 2014
Just wondering whether anybody has signed up for BT Broadband via TopCashback or Quidco then realised quickly that they need to upgrade to a more generous pacakge.

I am still waiting on my cashback claim to go through but have already exceeded the 20Gb and so am charged £5 for 5Gb extra. If I upgrade to the unlimited pacakge, I am still within a pacakge that the original cashback claim would apply to... so should be no difference, right?

Second question is that as part of the original deal I basically get £15 off the broadband for 6 months. Does anybody know what happens to this discount if I upgrade.... would it still apply?

Don't want to phone BT if at all possible in case it results in my claim being rejected.

Thanks for any help.



Not sure re the above, but a wee trick I have found useful for BT, is to login into the wifi and this does not affect your data usage. So, if I was downloading a film from blinkbox, I would login in to btwifi (you need to login and make sure you are no longer connected to home hub) and this would not count towards my data.
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Personally I would contact whomever you went through for cashback and BT and put forward your questions in a hypothetical manner.

And yes totally do what Millarcat said it will save you a fair bit of usage.

I recently changed to BT Infinity (I'm on unlimited usage) and went via Quidco and had £80 tracked , estimated payout was the 4th however at about 10pm on the 4th it went into payment delay and I am still waiting.
My services are totally up and running, I have paid the first bill in full and will be billed again in a week or so and I received a Sainsbury's GC from BT as that was part of the offer, so not sure why mines delayed payout.

Just phone BT and ask, the only downside is the different posiible answers you might get as it can sometimes depend on who you talk to as some are more helpful then others so I'd phone twice at different times....sounds daft at first but no harm and confirming what you want to know.

The WiFi trick can be hit and miss depending on package:

The maximum speed you can achieve accessing a hot spot provided from a BT … The maximum speed you can achieve accessing a hot spot provided from a BT Home Hub is 512 Kbits if they have an ADSL connection and a maximum of 3Mb if they have an ADSL2, or an Infinity connection.This rate will vary depending on the amount of people accessing them at any one time. Priority in speed is still given to the home user.If you access a premium BT wifi hotspot, you will get up to 8Mb connection speed.

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Christ thats a disgrace 20 gb on infinity what's the point in that package I could do that in a day on my measly 16mb. I am not getting at you more that fact of BT ripping peoples eyes out.

Is the full price meant to be £30 a month for that deal?

I have been waiting for these faster broadband deals to drop but so far I am not seeing much movement in the prices would really love it myself but can not justify the prices at them moment.

Are you in your dates to cancel the package still?

Original Poster

Yeah Dizzy, the prices are pretty steep, although it was helped by £262 TCB plus £150 sainsburys voucher. I actually had no idea of how much I used previously, but figured that data wasn't included in our allowance if watched through the BT YouView box. What I forgot about was my wife's skype calls to her parents overseas!!

I suppose I could cancel it, however, it is actually not a bad deal if I am still eligble for the cashback.

I've contact TCB to see what they suggest.... I'll let you know how I get on.

If you upgrade (i.e. pay MORE money ) then I dont think you llhave a problem. I got cought out by the pathetic 20gb limit , 1 months free sky movies turned out costing me about 45 in excess data charges, what a rude awakening !
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