just got a delivery from CEX

Found 11th Jun 2008
just got a delivery from CEX. two game cube games. 3 quid each but not particularly collectable ones. the both arrived in sturdy jiffy bags. got them out and am HORRIFIED at the condition. one box does not shut properly and the thing that holds the disk is missing and the cover and insert bit all torn. the other the box is completely boken in half only held by the see through plastic cover!

i was considering buying a 360 from them but no way if this is the quality!

what are your past experiences of them and thoughts?

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Yeah they seem to take anything in no matter what the condition, funny thing is they'll give you less for tatty condition no doubt and yet sell at same price as mint.
Personally fine,

But I use the store - not online.
I used to work for CEX the company is tatty all round. Trick is only use them if they have something you cant find anywhere else.

50p delivered for a GC memory card was the last thing i bought from them. The reason they delivered it was because if all the items in your order are not available they will post what is and cancel the rest of the order no matter the value. LOL
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