Found 13th Jul 2009
Well after long consiltation with the bank manager (i.e the wife) finally took the jump from pc to mac. but im having problems navigating through the mac interface. Does anyone know of any good ebooks or other ways apart from the one to one at the apple store for me to learn how to use this right rather than mess about myself.





i feel for ya having to go through the wife like that

there are simple tutorials on the apple website. also do check the apple video blogs with "tips" on itunes - i found them very helpful.
hope that helps.

Tutorials ]here.
Otherwise I'd say just keep using it - best way to learn really

trial & error is the best way mate :thumbsup:

within the next month your going to either:

get used to it, decide it was worth the money & become a walking/talking advert for apple.


hate it and want your £1500+ back

When I converted I bought
David Pogue - The missing manual
Mac OS X
Tiger Edition

I think he explains things well and its handy to have instant reference.

So much for 'it just works' eh?

As you've discovered 90% of it is identical to windows and 5% is hardly any different (cut, copy and past are command + x/c/v instead of control + x/c/v).

As for the differences:

The menu bar at the top of the screen applies to the program you've currently got selected.

The dock at the bottom is like a windows desktop toolbar, single click to launch applications and clicking on a folder expands it into a menu displaying it's contents. The dock has the additional functionality of adding a small blue 'light' underneath the icons to show you which applications are running and acting as a taskbar showing icons for minimised applications. Applications can be 'running' but not have any windows - don't worry about this, it's normal.

The close and minimise buttons on a window have obviously been moved to the left. The third green button is not maximise, it's function is supposed to be to resize the window to it's optimal size but it doesn't work for most applications so I'd ignore it or learn what it does on an app by app basis.

Windows can only be resized by the bottom left corner so if you want to expand it up and right you first have to move the window and then expand it back to it's original position, it's a pain but I don't think there's any option to change the behavior without third party add-ons. At least if you bought the 15" or 13" MBP this shouldn't be too much of a problem due to the low resolutions.

Mine just works I'm rubbish with computers and I've never found anything as easy as a macbook before.... not that I want to start another windows v's mac debate- heaven knows there've been enough before!!

I agree with trial and error... I just read the little book that comes with it (I'm not being sarcastic here), look at the tutorial videos (migrating from windows to mac or something), use the help comments built into OS X. Congrats on your move to MAC.

Oh and a couple things I recommend doing are learning the mac keyboard shortcuts important to you and configure your trackpad so you can use it how you want.

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Thanks for the info guys startin to get there now!! Taking time but hopefully money well spent!!
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