just got a refund by ebay....

ok so i bought a game from ebay about a week and half ago, and paid through paypal but had no contact from the seller, i sent about 5-6 messages to them asking if it was sent out,

today i finally decided to put in a dispute through paypal, i logged into paypal, put in item number and proceeded to make the claim, but then paypal page loaded with a message saying ring ebay on this special number and press 6 to sort it out quick and easy.

i spoke to a gentlemen who asked for my username address etc to confirm my account and asked which item i was disputing, he then asked what the problem was and after i told him he told me he would issue me a full refund which would take 3 working days and i wouldnt have to dispute through paypal and that in future contact ebay on this number to sort out any items not recieved.

what i would like to know is. how long has ebay done this for? i thought all refunds had to go through paypal if paid by paypal so quite surprised, didnt have the hassle of filing claim with paypal and waiting 10 days and will get my payment direct into my paypal account within 3 working days.


paypal claims take ages if the seller doesnt respond can look at 2 weeks +

i once bought a football shirt which never arrived so had to go through paypal and they had nothing like this before. so it must be something new

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yea like i said, was quite shocked, the guy said its a new scheme they are doing for people with access to the ebay number, just ring it and press 6, they said its not a refund, its a payment from ebay to my paypal account for the exact amount, i asked if thats the case how will ebay get the money back but he just said they are not allowed to say but not to worry about it and if the refund hasnt come in by wednesday ring them back, its legit though as its the same ebay number from the one on my ebay page.

cautiously... sounds great?

Sellers were warned of this a few weeks ago, I believe ebay will intervene if the seller you're about to open a dispute with has a track record of having problems. I believe ebay will keep a record of all these problems and if necessary will boot the seller off the site.

I could be wrong but that is my understanding of this new move by ebay.

I have had this a few times, normally a Paypal dispute takes 2 weeks ish to get refunded seller intervention or not...

I made a claim for missing ink about 2 weeks ago, escalated straight away as I do if i'm tired of waiting (10 days) etc The refund came through for £9.99 within 2 hours....

Happened a few times this way, not sure why....


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well they said 3 working days so i'll know by then.

How much did the phone call cost?
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