Just got an ipod touch, what now?

    Got my ipod touch today, what are the best programmes to use for sticking on music and movies downloaded from the net?.

    All advice on how to get the best out of it welcomed!



    what are the best programmes to use for sticking on music and movies … what are the best programmes to use for sticking on music and movies downloaded from the net?

    iTunes :?

    lol yea isn't itunes the only way?

    Is this a mystery shopper test?! :lol:

    Taking a guess but can't you convert the file to mp4 ? or mp3 depending on whether you want film or music....

    Put it into your itunes account/software then sync with Itouch ?

    I've just got an itouch myself, and haven't tried this...just took an educated guess


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    Found a demo of a converter , so need to find a whole progame now.

    What sound EQ do you recommend? I need something loud!

    Programe converted pretty good and easy to drag and drop like you mention kate, need to find a whole programme now!

    Do it through iTunes again. I'm guessing you're using a PC as opposed to a Mac?

    Drag your movies and music into iTunes.
    If your music is mp3 then that can go straight onto the touch. If you want to make it louder, highlight all your songs and right click and choose Get Info > Options Tab > Volume Adjustment
    Increase that to increase the overall volume then change the EQ on your ipod or through iTunes.
    I like my bass so I normally have it on Dance or Bass Booster.

    You can convert all your music into AAC format which saves space without compromising quality.
    Highlight songs > Right click > Convert selection to AAC.

    For movies if they are avi format then you can use iTunes to convert them into an ipod compatible format.
    Highlight the movies in iTunes > Right click > Convert selection for iPod/iPhone.
    It will use optimal settings for quality.

    Another good converter you can use is Quicktime Pro if you want to play around with conversion settings.

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    The music drags and drops no bother, when i do same with movies it wont allow me and i get the crossed circle logo as oppsed to the plus one i get when dropping in music...

    Ok, what format are the movies in? eg. .avi .mpeg .wmv etc.

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    Pretty sure they are avi , all downloaded from the net.

    Have you got quicktime player?

    Someone I know has done something called a Jailbreak on their iPod touch.…uch

    It allows you to install 3rd party applications from the internet, such as games and puzzles. It's pretty cool.…ak/…php

    I'm not sure if it affects your warranty (I shouldn't think so as it's only software updates and can be restored but best to back up music/videos before doing it) but it's pretty darn cool!!

    To convert videos into .mp4 (Apple's main video requirement) then use Videora iPod converter - it's free and really easy:…od/

    I reckon there'll be loads of guides and advice on Google for that too if you have any toruble getting it to work or understanding it.
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