Just got back from seeing New Moon................Umm its not for lads!!!!

    Lads if you are asked to go to see the new Twilight Film (New Moon) Say no!!! its terrible all dark and teenage with silly stupid attempts at trying to be a little funny. If they say well its got more action than the last one it may have but don't bother.


    ditto, enough to keep you entertained, but def. not for lads

    i enjoyed it :oops:



    i enjoyed it :oops:

    Aah, cute:whistling:

    didnt go much on the first one tbh, more of a love story than a good old vampire flick

    Much rather watch Blade

    Bring back Buffy!!!
    ****** to all this Twilight malarky

    Vampires Dont Sparkle!!!!!
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